Parking at a reduced rate at APCOA CentralBahnParking

    That's how it works:

    Step 1
    Drive into APCOA CentralBahnParking (Gartenstrasse 150).

    Step 2
    Drive to the parking area P2 or P4 (P1 is for short parkers only.)

    On the day of departure

    Step 1
    Take the "bsmart ticket" from your room with you when you go to the park ticket office. You will need this in addition to your entrance ticket in order to receive the discount.

    Step 2
    The way to the parking ticket office for redeeming your refund ticket goes directly through Basel main station: Take the escalator to the 1st floor, turn left, then right through the sliding glass doors.

    ATTENTION: Only at this ticket office the ticket will be accepted!

    Film "Way to the APCOA CentralBahnParking ticket office"

    Step 3
    At the parking ticket office, you must first insert your entrance parking ticket into the machine.

    Step 4 
    Then press the button "Nachsteckkarte" below the display. Your parking ticket will be pushed out again.

    Step 5
    Insert the "bsmart ticket".

    Step 6 
    Then the payment is made and the exit ticket is issued.